From Passion to Buisness:The Masterclass April 10th - £450
This Masterclass is for you: The creative, the photography lover, the makeup artist, the influencer and the family Photographer.
The Amanda Akokhia Experience - 121 Mentorship - May 2023
Personalised strategic coaching for photographers on how to push past industry norms and turn your photography into a profitable business.

                                                              FROM PASSION TO VISION - THE MASTERCLASS 

 I'm excited to guide you in clarifying your vision and defining the direction for your next big move!

This masterclass was created with YOU in mind. I specialise in teaching beginners, and industry professionals how to create beautiful fashion and beauty imagery that will elevate and turn your photography business into a profitable one. Opening your mind, stretching and challenging your creativity, and gaining valuable insights into building an inspirational business and creating impactful photography. 

This masterclass is like no other! You will get to experience, first hand a standard commercial shoot. I and a group of seasoned beauty and fashion experts will be on hand to demonstrate what it takes to build, expand and diversify your portfolio and scale your business in a unique way. You will develop the skills required to capture stunning imagery, master lighting techniques, learn how to build your brand, and grow your business. 


In 2023, I want to empower creatives to live out their dreams! Below you will find a list of upcoming workshops with details about each event and how to book your space. 

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Who is Amanda Akokhia? 

After graduating from Law school, I began my professional journey at a corporate firm. However, I felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled with my work, as my creative impulses were seeking an outlet. It was during this period that I discovered my passion for photography. Looking back over the past twelve years since I started my photography career, which began with taking pictures using my Dad's camera phone, I can confidently say that it was the best decision I ever made. 
I am now a highly acclaimed photographer with multiple awards to my name, defining my own sector and pushing the boundaries within photography. As a woman, I am not confined or boxed into a category, instead, I have rebuilt and reshaped the silhouette of how I capture and combine fashion  and beauty photography, whilst building a unique business. 

My career and business are growing and flourishing, and I want to extend a hand of help to the next generation of creatives. I started my journey with enthusiasm, but it was not enough. I doubted myself, questioned every move and I was insecure about my gift. Impostor syndrome stopped me from entering rooms and left me pricing my services below what I had to offer. 
I have created this Masterclass so that you no longer have to doubt yourself before you show up! I want to equip you with the boldness to show up confidently and fully fitted with an array of skills that will ensure you live out your dreams. Building a business requires more than just talent, it requires foresight and consistent work 
I am passionate about empowering photographers, but most importantly, I strongly believe in helping people realise and achieve their full potential and see the success they yarn for themselves. It is my joy to assist and guide other artists through the process of navigating the commercial industry. Whether you need support with creative direction, lighting, posing, styling, or business/marketing strategies, I want to help you build your career and create the life you've always imagined. 

 Let me help you uncover new opportunities and enhance your skills on your journey as a photographer. 
The world is full of opportunities, let me help you uncover your skills, build your vision and aid you from making mistakes on your photography journey.


Thank you so much Amanda for your time, effort and expertise. I learned so much about the dynamics of photography, the various layers that come together to shape pictures and that photography isn’t just about pointing and shooting but about creating an experience that everyone can participate in. Thank you.                - 


Amanda has a vast amount of knowledge about the photography world and how that intersects with media, fashion and the real world. I learned so much from her, things that I thought I already knew and things that I didn’t know. This experience was worthwhile and I’m grateful to have partaken in it.

                                       - Maya B

What an amazing experience this was. I learned so much about the photography business as a whole. From starting with a concept, reaching out and networking, planning, collaborating and also diversifying my portfolio. All this information is worth it’s weight in gold

                                         - Tee 

It’s time to take a leap of faith and embark on a new journey!

Constantly evolve, keep your eye on the industry pulse and trailblaze within your sector! 



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